Adventures in Santa Monica

I love Santa Monica.

I really do! It’s so beautiful and sunny, the architecture is gorgeous, there are hilarious Tourists everywhere, and some decent shopping.

But for an area that can very happily define itself as “capitalistic,” SM is very…chill.

I went down to Third Street Promenade in SM because the Vidal Sassoon Academy is there, and I get my hair cut for $22.00 (Or $11.50 if you’re a student). Sure, it takes some time, and sure, sometimes the student doesn’t know what they’re doing, but the teacher always corrects it, which means that for a few hours of your time and $22 of your dollars, you get a pro-Vidal Sassoon haircut or color.

How can you say no to that? And, to top it off, it’s literally about ten steps off the boulevard.  Sea views and everything.  Gotta love it.

My day started off kind of late, and I left The Valley at about 12:45pm. I meant to leave earlier, but it actually worked out fine.  I got to Santa Monica (and if you’re looking for cheap parking that’s not ratchet, go down Santa Monica Blvd, and drive past 3rd street, and it’ll be on your right) at about 1:50, which left me literally 10 minutes to get to Sassoon.

Anyway, after my haircut, I look totally fabulous, and the guy who cut my hair was absolutely wonderful. And very good-looking.  And totally straight.  If you’re reading this, Elliot, thanks for an awesome haircut and for a lot of fun conversation. :P Check out his Instagram here, if you’re in the Ohio area and want to get your hair cut by someone extremely talented.

Ahem.  Anyway, so I then meandered around Santa Monica for another two hours to beat traffic.  Check out the gallery. There’s this great little convenience store called Famima!, that mimics a Japanese konbini.

I love this little place.  It reminds me of my time in Japan.

Outside the store today, there was a man sitting in a wheelchair.  He had a sign that said, “Please help me, I have arthritis and osteoporosis, I need money for a surgery.”

The saddest part about this was that he was struggling to eat soup out of a paper carton.  His hands were somewhat deformed, and he was having a ton of trouble managing the spoon.

It seriously cut me down to the core.  I was hit with the hugest sensation to just hug the man and tell him it was going to be okay and that I’d take care of him.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to take care of him, at this point in time.  So I settled for buying him a meal and giving him some cash.

It took me about fifteen minutes to figure the whole thing out, too.  First, I had to decide if I was just going to give him money, or give him food too.  I decided on food and money, since if he’s saving for a surgery, he may not want to spend the money on food and go hungry instead.  I found the biggest sandwich I could possibly find in the store, and debated on getting him a sugary drink or something with protein.  I decided on gatorade, since it has electrolytes and is hydrating.  I put all this in a paper bag, and also put $5 in.

I left the store, handing him the bag after saying hello.  I explained that I have arthritis too (It’s Fibromyalgia which is similar), and that I know he must be in pain a lot.  I said that there is a sandwich in the bag, and that I was also giving him $5. He was so happy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so happy before.  He was so complimentary and thankful, I cried as I walked back to the beach to eat my own sandwich.

I really hope that he can get the help he needs, even though I know it isn’t likely.  It really upsets me that we are not taking care of our own people anymore, that we let the weaker ones that need our help, sit on the street and rot.

Someday, I’ll take care of those people, but for now, sandwiches are all I have.


With the advent of photoshop and all the techniques used to manipulate photographs it’s hard to tell whether a picture is truly genuine or not.

Never the less I appreciate the concepts behind all of them.



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FFS even Voldemort looks sexy here.

I need help.

Uhm, of course Voldemort looks sexy…Ralph Finnes is one fine man. <3

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RAMI KADI Au Bal Des Orchidees Noires Collection pt. 1

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Cute little marshmallows 

….what are they floating in?? Is that soup??

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So, that’s what Days of Future Past is about.

THEY ARE SO CUTE. I really love how are wonderful bests who do cure things together.  How can they keep straight faces when filming?? Don’t they just crack each other up with their seriousness?

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